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28 November 2023

Catalysing Kenya’s future through green hydrogen

20 November 2023

📢European Hydrogen Week starts today!

08 November 2023

Here is a snapshot of the conference held last Thursday, 2 November, at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa.

31 October 2023

On Thursday 2 November we will present JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA.

16 October 2023

In September, researchers from IMDEA Energy‘s Systems Analysis Unit involved in JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA have participated in different #events related to the project’s theme.

05 October 2023

Here is who is working behind Forschungszentrum JĂźlich‘s JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project.

2 October 2023

Time for presentations, it’s Forschungszentrum JĂźlich‘s turn!

25 September 2023

We have opened our YouTube channel for the JUSt-GREEN AFRH2ICA project.

20 September 2023

The World Power-to-X Summit event was held this morning.

19 September 2023

📅 Date: 20th September
⏰ Time: 11.50-12.30

The World Power-to-X Summit event started today.

15 September 2023

📷A photo of our team during our general assembly this morning.

13 September 2023

We share with you some snapshots from the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA presentation speech and Prof. Aristide Fausto Massardo‘s panel discussion in Capri as part of the EFC 2023 conference.

13 September 20236

💻We are ready for the next General Assembly!

12 September 2023

The European event on fuel cells and hydrogen starts tomorrow in Capri.
The event will take place over two days, from 13 to 15 September.

9 September 20236

This morning with our project coordinator Stefano Barberis and Andrea Giugno project manager of STAM S.r.l. during the panel “Water and Energy aspects: a sustainability dilemma for rural areas”.

5 September 2023

⏳Less than one day until the start of SUPERHR23.

9 September 2023

Teamwork makes the dream work!
Here are the presentations of the people involved from Artelys within our JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project!

30 August 2023

On 6 September, at the #SUPEHR conference organised by the UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Genova of Genoa, Andrea Giugno, project manager of STAM, will present the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project, highlighting STAM S.r.l.‘s ongoing commitment to sustainable energy and international cooperation

8 August 2023

Teamwork makes the dream work!
Here are the presentations of the people involved from Artelys within our JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project!

11 August 2023

⌛ The beginning of September is approaching and so is our next event after returning from summer holidays.

8 August 2023

Teamwork makes the dream work!
Here are the presentations of the people involved from Artelys within our JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project!

1 August 2023

Last week Artelys provided us with some interesting facts, but let’s find out who Artelys is and what it does!

27 July 2023

During the first months of the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project, Artelys used its experience in reference prospective exercises on the European energy system to help identify the main hydrogen corridors for African green H2 imports.

19 July 2023

As promised yesterday, here are the presentations of the people involved from IRESEN within our JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project!

19 July 2023

Let’s resume with the presentations of our partners!
The past few weeks have been intense and full of publications, we take the opportunity to tell you about IRESEN – Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies

13 July 2023

JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project’s first newsletter will be released in July.

04 July 2023

Juelich has worked on a first assessment of green hydrogen potential in the Western African context: current projects and initiative in the region were mapped and an area of interest for a potential hydrogen industry was identified.

7 July 2023

📅 Yesterday, our Project Coordinator Stefano Barberis from Università degli Studi di Genova participated to the 1st Hydrogen Summer ScH2ool (, which brought together more than 75 participants from all over Greece! 

04 July 2023

A few weeks ago, the 25th “Africa Energy Forum 2023” was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

29 June 2023

After our fruitful third Stakeholders Workshop, where we had the chance to discuss about green hydrogen and the strategic role of Spain and its future hydrogen infrastructures to facilitate Africa-Europe collaboration, the second General Assembly took place in IMDEA Energy premises.

27 June 2023

Our new Stakeholders’ Event is taking place at IMDEA Energy premisis in Madrid. This event is more oriented to the Spanish Stakeholders.

23 June 2023

It has been a great pleasure for our coordinator Università degli Studi di Genova hosting yesterday our Italian Stakeholders event in Genoa.

20 June 2023

The University of Genoa is organizing an event as part of the PNRR NEST and JUST GREEN AFRH2ICA projects to discuss European research in Liguria and the role of large companies in promoting hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future.

14 June 2023

Università degli Studi di Genova of Genova in Partnership with NEST Project (NextGenEU Italian funded Project) is organizing a workshop dedicated to Italian stakeholders who are promoting green hydrogen transition in Europe and Africa.

13 June 2023

In concomitance with the M5 General Assembly, JUST GREEN AFRH2ICA is organizing a workshop dedicated to Spanish stakeholders who are promoting green hydrogen transition in Europe and Africa.

09 June 2023

Just now our JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project was presented by Stefano Barberis from the Università degli Studi di Genova Genoa during the event organized by Strathmore University.

06 June 2023

From June 7-9th, Strathmore University is going to held the new training “Geothermal Atlas for Africa Project/Economic Contextualizing- Project Finance of the PtX Economy/Just Green Afrh2ica” to which the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA Consortium has been invited.

05 June 2023

An incredible event organized by Confindustria and ANIMA Confindustria
in Rome, focused on exploring business models for hydrogen utilization.

30 May 2023

In a couple of weeks JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA will be presented during the Afrika-Verein event to be held in Hamburg June 14-15.

25 May 2023

Just 5 minutes of your time!

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17 May 2023

📢First official online survey of the project!
Promoting a JUST transition to GREEN hydrogen in AFRICA – What to prioritize?

17 May 2023

💻Join us!
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17 May 2023

Today at stakeholder event “Enabling the Development of a Green Hydrogen Economy in Kenya: Policies, Regulations and Pathways – Just Green AFRH2ICA Stakeholders Meeting ” organized by our partner Strathmore University, we share with you the program of the day.

15 May 2023

JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA (grant no. 101101469; will analyse green hydrogen scenarios by following a life-cycle sustainability approach.

11 May 2023

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9 May 2023

Our project partners Siegfried Huegemann, will participate in the panel discussion “Bankability of  Green Hydrogen Projects in Africa” at the Africa Hydrogen Forum.

4 May 2023

Today  from 11:40 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. at the World Hydrogen & renewables event in Milan!

2 May 2023

We would like to remind you that this afternoon, 2 May, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., there will be a stakeholder workshop held by Stefano Barberis at the World Hydrogen & renewables event in Milan.

28 April 2023

Looking ahead to next week, we share with the entire JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA audience that our project coordinator Stefano Barberis will be in Milan during the World Hydrogen & renewables event May 2-4.

27 April 2023

And still talking about yesterday, we remember Stefano Barberis‘ talk during s-@access – Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids Conferences in Palma de Mallorca!

27 April 2023

Yesterday, Fabio Magrassi, project manager of STAM S.r.l., gave a talk on “Green Hydrogen: Key to the Energy Transition,” at the Energy Summit

26 April 2023

4th International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access”

26 April 2023

4th International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access

21 April 2023

H2ATLAS-AFRICA project is a joint initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and African partners in the Sub-Saharan region (SADC and ECOWAS countries) to explore the potentials of hydrogen production from the renewable energy sources within the sub-regions, where our partner Forschungszentrum Jßlich is one of the key contributor.

20 April 2023

Like other times we give space to companies and the people who work there.
We present IMDEA Energy‘s partners working for the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project.

17 April 2023

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that this Friday we will have the opportunity to present our project JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA at the event “ENERGY DAYS 2023”

18 April 2023

Let’s resume with introductions!
Today it is time to tell you about our partner IMDEA Energy

13 April 2023

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11 April 2023

Università degli Studi di Genova had the opportunity to interact and better understand how to study the potential of natural hydrogen  thanks to the collaboration of #HYAFRICA project .

31 March 2023

Have you visited our website? It is available online at:!

22 March 2023

Wednesday arrived and, as promised, we introduce the team of STAM S.r.l. who plays an multifaceted role within the project JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA!

20 March 2023

STAM S.r.l. is a rapidly growing Genoese engineeringcompany that provides high-tech solutions to industry and public organisations.

16 March 2023

After introducing the UNIGE we tell you about the members who are part of it and who have a role within the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project.

14 March 2023

As promised last week, we begin by introducing our partners!


10 March 2023

Another just energytransition drive hits high spots in form of Just Green AfrH2ica.

9 March 2023

Let’s start to find out a little more about the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project!

23 Febraury 2023

Here is our first press release of the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project!

16 February 2023

On 14th February the kickoffmeeting of the project boosted the strong commitment of the Consortium while on 15th February the project started its path with its precious and paramount stakeholders.

15 Febraury 2023


15 February 2023

Here are some photographs from the first session this morning!

15 Febraury 2023

Let’s kick off our event!

It will be a full day for that reason we have divided it into three sessions:

14 February 2023

There has been a small change of speaker, we present to you

Riccardo Edmondo Bernabei

14 Febraury 2023

We conclude today’s publication with

Piero Ercoli

14 February 2023

With only one day left until the event, here is the eighth speaker!


14 Febraury 2023

Here we are in Brussels with the kickoff meeting of the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project.

13 February 2023

Only two days left until our event! We present to you

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

10 Febraury 2023

Next week will be our event, here is the sixth speaker!

Natalia Caldes

9 February 2023

One week to go until the event, here is the fifth speaker!

Siegfried Huegemann

9 Febraury 2023

Hurry registration is about to close, here is the sixth speaker!

Oussama Bayssi

8 February 2023

One week to go until the event, here is the fifth speaker!

Siegfried Huegemann

7 Febraury 2023

Hurry up!

There is still a short time to register for our event.

6 February 2023

We start the week by introducing our fourth speaker of our event!

Junaid Belo-Osagie

3 Febraury 2023

Have you registered for our launching event in Brussels? 

Between Africa and Europe.  



3 February 2023


We present our third speaker!

Julie Mougin

2 Febraury 2023

Today is the official starting day of JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project. 
Its main goal is to promote the greenhydrogen cooperation between Africa and Europe. 

2 February 2023

Today it is time to reveal the identity of our second speaker!

Stefano Barberis

1 Febraury 2023

Here we present the first speaker of our event that will take place in a fortnight!

Prof. Aristide Fausto Massardo

26 Jannuary 2023

🔍We are on the trail of our speakers in order to reveal their identities to you shortly…

25 Jannuary 2023

Africa has a unique potential to exploit low cost renewable energy to produce greenhydrogen for domestic and external markets…

24 Jannuary 2023

Are you ready to promote green hydrogen cooperation between Africa and Europe?


23 Jannuary 2023

Africa has a unique potential to exploit low cost renewable energy to produce greenhydrogen for domestic and external markets…

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