JUELICH team work

Juelich has worked on a first assessment of green hydrogen potential in the Western African context: current projects and initiative in the region were mapped and an area of interest for a potential hydrogen industry was identified.

The assessment was based on open-access sources (especially the H2Atlas web tool) and took into account production potential, expected socio-economic impacts and framework indicators (e.g., infrastructure, policies), concluding that a macro region that includes Ghana and its neighbors may offer a significant potential both in terms of production and local demand of green hydrogen. Moreover, a more delimited area between Ghana and Togo was selected as a first case study to model because of its production potential, electrical grid infrastructure and the presence of a main port.

IEK-STE has also expanded its team through the integration of two students of the WASCAL International Master Program in Energy and GreenHydrogen (IMP-EGH). Their work focuses on the assessment of hydrogen applications in Africa and the analysis of energy demand in Ghana, thereby allowing for synergies between the IEK-STE work for JGA and its role within the IMP-EGH.

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