Thanks to its great Renewable Energy Potential, Africa has an unique opportunity to become global green hydrogen production leader.

In order to unlock this opportunity and decarbonize both continents energy and industrial system, Africa and Europe can mutually cooperate towards a joint sustainable green hydrogen transition.


Africa has a growing population of nearly 1.3 billion, with an average annual increas rate of 2.5% for the last 10 years. The growing population directly implies growing demand for energy and expanded infrastructure to match the growth. The overall sustainable development of Africa and indeed the global effort to reduce climate degradation will stem from a holistic energy system driven by renewable energy (RES), requiring joint efforts and partnership across borders/continents in order to find feasible climate-friendly solutions.
In this sense, JUST GREEN AFRH2ICA will put together AU-EU experiences to explore the potential of green H2 (and its derivatives) as key energy vector and energy option in a joint effort to make both AU-EU sustainable at environmental and social level.


JUST GREEN AFRH2ICA aims to develop a GREEN HYDROGEN JUST TRANSITION ROADMAP that would make African-European transition pathways to H2 synergic, sustainable and avoiding any “Africa hydrogen colonization”, but promoting a mutual benefit collaboration of the two continents towards the development of independent and collaborative hydrogen economies, R&D ecosystem and value chains. To do so, JUST GREEN AFRH2ICA involves key partners from EU and AU side at association (AHP and HYDROGEN EUROPE1), Academia and RTOs and policy making level.
JUST GREN AFRH2ICA aims indeed to be the “stepping stone” of a collaborative hydrogen roadmap that, based on the analysis of different AU green H2 scenarios at socio-economic-technical level via partners’ tools.

Three main approaches

Capitalization of existing tools
and Hydrogen experiences in
Africa and Europe.

A robust participatory approach

Boost green hydrogen in Africa via

Three main activities

Green hydrogen scenario development, simulation and multi-impact assessment

Training, capacity building and stakeholders matchmaking

Technology – policy – investment roadmap

A unique team towards AU-EU green hydrogen transition

2 JUST GREEN AFRH2ICA relies on the unique know how and experiences of its consortium.  

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Who is already
supporting us

11 partners from African and European countries are sharing their key-knowhow in Hydrogen Economy and Technologies, to assess how to make EU and AU hydrogen transition smoother and mutual beneficial, promoting a JUST green hydrogen transition that would be sustainable and viable from a technical, social, economic and environmental point of view.

The project is supported by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and its members Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research