ūüďÖ Date: 6th September
‚Źį Time: 11.20-12.40
ūüďć Location: Savona University Campus

On 6 September, at the prestigious¬†SUPEHR¬†conference organised by the¬†Universit√† degli Studi di Genova¬†of Genoa,¬†Andrea Giugno, project manager of STAM, will present the¬†JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA¬†project, highlighting¬†STAM S.r.l.‘s ongoing commitment to sustainable¬†energy¬†and international cooperation, within the panel ‘Water and Energy aspects: a sustainability dilemma for rural areas’.

The conference theme, focusing on the intricate interplay between water, energy and¬†sustainability¬†in rural areas, provides the perfect backdrop for the importance of our project. Just-Green Afrh2ica remains steadfast in pursuing a roadmap for the transition to green hydrogen, harmonising the objectives of the African Union and the European Union. Through a comprehensive analysis spanning socio-economic, technical and environmental dimensions, our roadmap aligns with the values inherent in the EU’s¬†hydrogen¬†and just transition programmes, while embracing Africa’s specific potential.

STAM emphasises not only innovation, but also the creation of robust hydrogen economies that transcend geographical boundaries. The commitment is to lead the way towards a just transition to green hydrogen.

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