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Last week Artelys provided us with some interesting facts, but let’s find out who Artelys is and what it does!

With more than 300 hundred customers in 40 countries, Artelys has a two-decade long international experience regarding decision support, optimization and modelling.
The company is currently involved in several European projects and has performed numerous prospective energy studies over the years, both for public fundings and private customers.
Artelys is notably the leader of the METIS project on behalf of the European Commission, which combines the modelling of power, gas, hydrogen and heat systems at European scale.

Research and development currently represent 30% of the company’s activity, notably through the development of the Artelys Crystal software suite. In particular, the Artelys Crystal Super Grid modeling platform is a web-based multi-energy tool that allows high-performance dispatch optimization with fine-grained spatial and temporal granularity.

As a partner in the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA consortium, Artelys will enrich the Artelys Crystal Super Grid energy modeling platform in order to include a representation of multiple African green H2 value chains, which includes main carriers for #hydrogen transportation (new hydrogen pipelines, repurposed gas infrastructure, sea transportation via derivatives, etc.).  
The impacts of green hydrogen imports on the European energy system will then be assessed at the 2040 and 2050 time horizons, notably in relation to European sustainability objectives.

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