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Like other times we give space to companies and the people who work there.

We present IMDEA Energy‘s partners working for the JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project.

José Luis Gálvez-Martos
Dr Galvez-Martos is an experienced senior assistant researcher of IMDEA Energy specialised on the assessment and optimisation of the environmental performance of processes and products. His focus is the life cycle and technoeconomic assessment of energy and energy-related aspects of production systems (e.g., renewable fuels, hydrogen, thermodynamic equilibrium modelling, process simulation), and on the sustainability of novel approaches and best practice of materials and construction practices. Also, his research had impact on policymaking at European level. In recent years, he has focused his work on the assessment of the role of Waste-to-Energy technologies in the Circular Economy, on the production of hydrogen, biofuels and solar fuels, batteries and in projects related to construction materials based on Carbon Capture and Utilisation and the decarbonisation of the cement industry. He has several years of scientific experience working for the European Commission, the University of Aberdeen, the Spanish Institute for Aerospace Technology, the Complutense University of Madrid and IMDEA Energy. He is the author of 43 peer-reviewed journal papers, contributed to 39 communications to conferences, has produced several relevant reports for the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and is the named inventor of two patent applications on carbon capture and utilization. He is/has been responsible, as principal investigator, of 13 projects and research contracts, and has been member of another 20 research projects or contracts. He is currently leader of the working group 5 “Life Cycle Thinking in CCUS” in the COST Action Transmit, and the leader of working group 4 – Pre-processing, Separation, and Environmental considerations in RILEM Technical Committee “Upcycling Powder Mineral Wastes into Cement Matrices”.

Diego Iribarren
Diego Iribarren is a senior researcher in the Systems Analysis Unit of IMDEA Energy, where he works since October 2010. He received his PhD (2010) and BSc (2005) degrees in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from the University of Santiago de Compostela. His current research activity focuses on the advanced analysis of energy systems under technical, economic, environmental, and social aspects. Among his specific research lines, the development and application of novel methodological frameworks combining life-cycle approaches, energy systems modelling, and multi-criteria decision analysis is highlighted. Diego has been involved in more than 60 research projects and contracts at regional, national and international level. He is co-author of >100 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, 13 book chapters, >125 contributions to national and international conferences, and a high number of project deliverables and international reports for institutions such as the International Energy Agency Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. He is also co-developer of the web-based tool GreenH2armony® for the computation of harmonised life-cycle indicators (carbon, energy and acidification footprints) of hydrogen. Diego is currently one of the chairs of the Spanish Network for Life Cycle Assessment “esLCA” and participates actively in international networks such as the International Energy Agency Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Programme. He was awarded the Hydrogen Europe Research Young Scientist Award for the cross-cutting pillar in November 2018.

Javier Dufour
Javier Dufour is PhD in Chemical Science. Currently, he is Research Professor and Head of the Systems Analysis Unit at the Institute IMDEA Energy as well as Full Professor in the Department of Chemical, Energy and Mechanical Technology of the Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain). Currently, he is also the Deputy Leader of the Cross-Cutting Activities Technical Committee of Hydrogen Europe Research. Formerly, he was Operating Agent of Task 36 “Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Hydrogen Energy Systems” for IEA Hydrogen TCP (01/01/15-31/12/17), Chair of the Spanish Network on Life Cycle Assessment (05/11/12-20/06/18) and Vicechair of Cross-Cutting Research Activities of Hydrogen Europe Research (01/07/16-02/07/20).
He has co-authored 130 papers published in JCR indexed journals and 9 in dissemination journals, as well as 1 book, 10 book chapters, 3 patents and more than 200 communications in international and domestic conferences. He is or has coordinated 5 European projects (3 as coordinator of the full consortia), 8 domestic ones and 35 contracts. He has also participated in 8 more European projects, 11 domestic ones and 17 contracts. He has supervised 8 PhD theses and more than 110 MSc and BSc theses. His research interests are focused on life cycle sustainability assessment and eco-design of energy systems.

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