We begin the week by introducing our second partner!

STAM S.r.l. is a rapidly growing Genoese engineeringcompany that provides high-tech solutions to industry and public organisations.

Their offer is based on three technological pillars, namely industrial/robotic automation, advanced modeling and digital technologies. The sectors in which STAM operates are space and defence, manufacturing and process industry, transport and security, energy and circular bio-economy, life sciences.
With a network of over 1000 international partners, STAM is the first Italian SME to win European collaborative research and innovation projects (e.g. Horizon Europe). STAM has a long experience in animating open innovation ecosystems at local, national and European level through proprietary digital platforms.

STAM is very proud to actively participate in the project JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA, funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership within the framework of Horizon Europe.

It is a great opportunity for STAM to exploit methodologies and tools in strategic roadmapping and stakeholder engagement to build a bridge between Europe and Africa in the areas of greenhydrogen technologies and just transition.

➡️On Wednesday we will learn who the stam partners are who have an active role within the project.

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