Siegfried Huegemann

One week to go until the event, here is the fifth speaker!

Siegfried Huegemann

Mr. Siegfried, commonly known as Siggi, Huegemann is the initiator, co-founder and Secretary General of the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP) as well as Director of Hypowa. Hypowa is a UK based company specializing in the development of hydrogen fuel cell powertrains for lightweight transportation vehicles and one of the two Founding Members of the AHP.

Mr. Huegemann holds a Master of Commerce (Finance and Quantitative Analysis) degree from University of Otago in New Zealand and is a Lieutenant Colonel of the German army reserve.

He has more than 25 years of experience in banking technology and worked primarily on Fixed Income and Derivatives related projects for some of the largest Asset Management firms worldwide.

For more info and registration for our event follow JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA.

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