Official starting day

Today is the official starting day of JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project. 
Its main goal is to promote the greenhydrogen cooperation between #Africa and #Europe

JUST-GREEN AFRH2ICA project is a stakeholders oriented collaborative project and the consortium will spend effort to collect inputs from African and European key actors promoting green hydrogen revolution.  

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To know more about the project you can participate to our lunching event!

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The project is funded by Clean Hydrogen Partnership

And all the partner are member of Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research

The consortium is composed of:

Università degli Studi di GenovaSTAM S.r.l.IRESEN – Research Institute for Solar Energy and New EnergiesIMDEA EnergyBluEnergy Revolution Soc. Coop.African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP)North-West University / Noordwes-Universiteit#HySAInfrastructureStrathmore UniversityForschungszentrum JülichArtelysCEA

Our coordinators Stefano Barberis and Stefania Marongiu are honoured to run this challenging project and this great consortium. 

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