Junaid Belo-Osagie

We start the week by introducing our fourth speaker of our event!

Junaid Belo-Osagie

Junaid is an Executive Director of the Investment Banking Division at Japanese Banking giant Mizuho , with a specific interest in clean energy investments in Europe, Middle East and #Africa. Junaid is also the Head of Business Management, Global Investment Banking, Mizuho International, based in London, United Kingdom.

Junaid started out his career in the Energy sector before making a move into Banking in 2008. After a distinguished career at Citi he joined Mizuho in 2014. As one of few senior Africans in a Japanese
organisation, Junaid is passionate about connecting the dots between Japanese capital and African growth stories.

In his current role at Mizuho which covers Debt Capital Markets, Primary Equity and Advisory, Junaid is pivotal to the strategic and operational direction of the investment banking business which
undertakes high profile multi billion dollar debt, equity and advisory transactions across the region.
Junaid is currently the Chairman of the Financial Advisory Group of the African Hydrogen Partnership (AHP).

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